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The Insurance Girl Brokerage is partnered with a AM+ Best rated insurance carriers to provide our clients with outstanding and efficient customer experiences.

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The Insurance Girl Brokerage is an insurance broker representing many top-rated insurance carriers. We help you search for companies in various sectors with the best coverage and premium option for you.


Insurance is a requirement to operate your business, keep your interest and your clients safe. The Insurance Girl Brokerage has a policy for you.

Health Insurance

If you have a Medicare Plan but are unsure it still meets your needs, we can review your coverage and see if you can save money and get better service elsewhere free of charge.

Home Owners & Renters

Owning your own home is a wonderful thing, but if you’re like most people, you probably haven’t thought much about homeowners insurance.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can be essential for protecting your family financially in case of a tragedy, but many people go without it.

Film & TV Production

Be it a major studio or a small independent filmmaker, you are exposed to risks that mitigates potential financial loss to your investment.

Automobile Insurance

The Insurance Girl Brokerage insures commercial & private passenger automobile insurance. Let's Keep Your Interest Safe!

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